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Low Ground Pressure Equipment

There are many benefits to using low ground pressure equipment, including:

  • Reduced soil compaction: Low ground pressure equipment spreads the weight of the machine over a larger area, which reduces the amount of pressure on the soil. This can help to prevent soil compaction, which can damage the soil structure and make it more difficult for plants to grow.

  • Increased traction: Low ground pressure equipment often has wider tires or tracks than standard equipment, which provides more traction in soft or wet conditions. This can help to prevent the machine from getting stuck or sliding.

  • Improved safety: Low ground pressure equipment is often less likely to tip over than standard equipment, which can help to prevent accidents.

  • Reduced noise and vibration: Low ground pressure equipment often has a lower noise level and vibration level than standard equipment. This can be beneficial for workers and for the environment.

  • Increased productivity: Low ground pressure equipment can often work in areas that are too soft or wet for standard equipment. This can help to increase productivity and reduce the cost of operations.

  • Reducing damage to existing landscaping such as turf grass, mulch beds, and low-lying areas.

If you are considering using low ground pressure equipment, give Carolina Land Clearing & Development a call to determine the right equipment, process, and approach for your land clearing needs.

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